Friday, February 5, 2010

Still Breathing

So much good stuff popping up here on the Ye' Ole' Wizard's board I can hardly stand it! Me? I've been a busy little camper but not so much in the comics world. I recently took on a job in the gaming industry with a company called E-Line Media doing conceptual art and illustration. This is taking up most of my time and likely most of 2010. I'm having a lot of fun producing some very interesting eye candy. The current flash-based game I'm working on is called Gamestar Mechanic and hopefully will be available online in March or April. My comic making life has been put on hold but, the work I'm now doing is testing my abilities and imagination in a way that when it comes time to get back into the "comic thing" I'll be refueled, reloaded and ready to start taking names! :)

Play Nice.
I'm watching!