Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Atland #270 - Me Tiny Little hands

I've been waiting sooo long to introduce you to some of the characters that populate the Brave Minotaur. Behind the bar, we have "Stinky" Sven -- you'll remember him from episode 22 or so. A character design I've always loved and wanted to use more often. So what the hell? Inky needed a bartender for his inn!

I got the idea for the Garden Gnome while shopping in Mystic CT. There's a Norse store there and in the window they had dozens of garden gnomes in all different poses. It was the perfect fit for the local drunk. Every bar has that one guy who's ALWAYS at the bar. And the fact that I could use garden gnomes as an actual race in ATLAND was too good to pass up.

Next week...horny orcs.