Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hey Now!

Hey all. This is just an update on my whereabouts. Yes, I'm pretending someone out there cares so, don't pee in my Cheerios!

The gaming thing has slowed down for a bit but, I am not stagnant. I've taken a job with Ka-Blam Digital Printing. I've known the Gregory's for a very long time and I couldn't be happier to contribute to their P.O.D. Empire. Fun stuff. Doesn't really feel like a job at all.

Since the gaming stuff has slowed down a bit I've been using the free time to make some comics. The latest is a dark, gothic, horror adventure, which most folks probably don't know, is a genre I've been wanting to play in for a long time. I'm a huge horror fan, (mostly the older stuff) and once you throw in the devil, religion, demons and other nastiness; I'm sold. The first issue is nearly completed but, I have to go in and do some re-writing as the characters have decided to make their own changes. The picture attached here, is a few random images from the first issue. I didn't want to spoil anything by posting pages.

That's about it. I thought I'd share.

Play Nice!