Monday, August 18, 2008

ELA in Love at First Byte

Here's a little wizardly treat to liven up your Monday afternoon.

Co-director Fernando Sarmiento descibes 'ELA in Love at First Byte' as, “A weird mix between She Ra, Tron and Flash Gordon.” It was produced by the Argentinian motion graphic studio PepperMelon.

It just gets better and better the longer you watch it, and I suggest putting it on full-screen mode!:


  1. Half way through this, I was wishing that I had some weed.

  2. When I watched it I felt like I did have some weed!

    I like when she is playing hide & seek in the woods with the big red cube. & when she takes a bite out of one of the space invaders.

  3. That whole golden bird sequence was totally Taarna!

    This is so cool I have ice on my screen.

  4. OMFG!! WTF!! i wish i were this clever.