Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Logo Design #2

Here's another version, roughed out. Much more clear, I think. I actually like the concept behind the first version better. But this one lends itself a little more to versatile use.

I wanted to create something akin to the over-wrought band logos you see on death metal album covers. Most of those are so over-worked you can't read them. But I don't want to take it that far...I actually want the logo to be legible. I just want to capture some of the ambiance of a death metal band emblem.

I'll get into what the logo actually means a bit later.


  1. I get what you're going for, with the whole death metal thing. That's tough to translate into a working comic logo though without stripping it down to bare bones like you did here. I'm intrigued Mr. West. keep it coming!

  2. I like the look. Fact is, man, I was looking at your Random Order
    Creation site and I will always say
    that you do some great stuff!

  3. Much appreciated!

    I'm playing this one a bit close to the chest. I don't want to hype before it's time. But basically I'm trying to create something a bit more ambitious with an actual regular and frequent update schedule.

    Probably won't say much until November. Gotta make sure it's going to fly.