Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Atland #241 - Singing Monkeys

I have to be honest. The whole reason I came up with General Bron was so that Bruce would have a worthy adversary here at the end of our tale. I have to say, I have grown fond of his honorable view of combat (I based the Simian culture on Klingons, obviously...). He's sort of the least bad guy amongst the real bad guys. He's grown on me.

The Singing Monkeys joke was totally added at the last minute. The original lines there were supposed to be macho posturing stuff. But as I was typing the dialogue I suddenly realized how funny the image of singing monkeys would be.

We're getting really close to the end now. I'm guessing about a dozen episodes left to Season 1. I'm really sick of drawing snow at this point. I'm dreaming of drawing the perpetually-autumnal forests of the Northlands that wait for us in Season 2. Speaking of... I'm doing a ton of concept art for Season 2. I have so many fun characters and places I can't wait to show you.

Next week, we rejoin Barry & the Dwarf Pope as they get into their own final showdown.

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