Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Atland #243 - Braincleaver

We're back on schedule after my trip to San Diego Con. I'm missing it already...

I came up with the idea for the Pope carrying a special sword because I felt after 3+ years, Barry deserved to have a legendary weapon. (The fact that he'd kill the Pope with it was just an added bonus) I figured Barry'd earned a sword that WASN'T just another disposable blade. (He's gone through 3 or 4 by now I think...). Braincleaver will be Barry's iconic weapon from here on out. (At least that's the plan...)

This episode is the most re-written script I've ever worked from. In the end, it got so messy, I just gave up and rewrote it during the lettering stage. Normally I only do one or 2 little cross-outs as I'm working on a script.

Next week, Inky & Barry have a tense reunion...