Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Atland #254 - A Third Option

Raise your hand if you got food poisoned last weekend!!! (Raises hand.) Yeah...I'm just starting to feel normal again. Ugh. Between that and the holiday, I got waaaay behind (more on that later...let's get to this week's episode...)

We learned a few things about Inky here that I've never told you guys. Inky doesn't like to talk about his past, but he's trying to properly address a nearly omnipotent being... We learned his dad's name, that he was a member of the Desert Glass Thieves' Guild...and that he's from Naen (you can go find it on the map). We already knew he was a former spy for the dwarves...that's how he knew Nodd.

So I asked myself...why wouldn't Inky & Barry plan to stab the Nameless One with the Demonbreaker? A couple of reasons:

1) Once they took a look at him, I figure they would have seriously doubted that they could sneak up on the first of the 13 greater demons. But Sissyl? Ranting about her victory? An easier target...and still a bargaining chip. A demon being sacrificed to another demon? THAT'S sweeter than a thousand mortals. Demons spirits are eternal...unless extinguished by a more powerful entity.

2) They wanted to save Lily...but they also wanted to get Bruce back. If anyone in that cave had the ability to bring Bruce back, it would have been the Nameless One. Sissyl would never have cooperated. Barry & Inky just had no idea that demons couldn't grant life. They're not experts and it was worth a try.

I've been so ill the last few days that I had to call in the inimitable Jason Embury to color next week's episode for me so it would be done on time. Jason will also be coloring some episodes of Season 2.