Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Atland #256 - Help Me...

Thus exits the Demon Sissyl. And good riddance! Just think, this is what might have happened to Lily if things had gone differently… ::shivers::

Normally, I would have put Sissyl’s final dialogue in a word balloon…but somehow the white on black, floating text seemed to feel so much more like…a VOID, a place where even her voice is obliterated. One of those moments where a stylistic change just felt right.

You’re really not going to notice, but I think this is the 3rd episode that I drew on the new Strathmore pre-lined comic book art boards. I’m just turning them sideways to draw the balance of Season 1. For Season 2, the format will change to standard comic dimensions (portrait, as opposed to landscape.)
But this change of paper made for some interesting logistical problems. Anyone who’s bought my original art knows I USED draw all the way to the edges of an 11x17” page. But I’m using the guidelines on the new paper stock, which changes the dimension of the finished art…which means I have to crop it to fit the old dimensions in photoshop.

All of this means nothing to you, but it’s an added pain in the ass for me. I can’t wait til I’m drawing portrait format full time on Season 2 on this new paper.

Have a groovy Halloween, folks! It’s my 10th wedding anniversary!