Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Atland #265 - Temple of Ria, Pt. 2

I drew that last panel of Lily before I drew anything else on the page. I wanted to hit that panel fresh, with all my mojo for our last look at Lily in this season.

Questions have already come up about Lily's future in Season 2. Rest assured, I'm sure she'll play some role. But her purpose in life now is to rebuild her order of priestesses and spread the love of her Goddess. I'm pretty sure her life of adventuring is over. (But you never know...)

Next week, the boys make their way to Barry's homeland of Xerexos and discuss their future...

Just THREE episodes left of Season 1!

Speaking of which--don't forget that I'll be doing a live video chat the night of the final episode. Jan. 28th, 7pm ET. Right here:

I'll also be revealing some things about Season 2, and I think I'll have a surprise for you...