Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Atland #264 - Temple of Ria, Pt. 1

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about all that money Lily made slaying the Zombilops! Uh-uh! That's why that WHOLE story came to be. I had to give Lily enough cash to accomplish THIS. Rebuilding the original Temple of Ria...restarting her order of priestesses...

I had to break out ATLAND book 1 for reference for that middle panel! I found Lily's origin story and realized I hadn't drawn a temple of Ria since this whole strip started!

Now, this isn't the temple shown in Lily's origin -- it's the FIRST temple of Ria. It's noted on the new ATLAND map, (coming soon). It's north and west up the coast from Barry's kingdom of Xerexos.

And now you know the significance of the butterflies whenever Ria appeared to Lily all this time. They're the native butterflies around this temple. (in my scripts, I refer to them as, "Amethyst Butterflies")

Next week, Temple of Ria, Pt. 2 -- we say goodbye to our favorite priestess...

Just FOUR episodes left of Season 1!

Have a happy New Year, everyone!