Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Atland #262 - Terms, Pt. 2

So there you have the deal between the dwarves and the potatomen.

The dwarves agree to release the Northlands (The continent where Barry's kingdom is located) and cease expansion in exchange for the potatomen's mining technology.

This may seem like a loss for the dwarves, but like I said last week, Dagna is no fool. Her armies have been spread thin with expansion (and she just lost thousands more...). She's going to go home and get stronger. Repopulate her armies. Use the potatomen's mining tech to dig ore, precious metals and gems and fill her banks with capital. She's thinking long term.

The potatomen (who's kingdom is also located in the Northlands) get their lands back. And they don't have to worry about dwarven incursion.

For now.

Next week, our group of friends grows smaller still...

Just SIX episodes left for season 1!

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