Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Atland #261 - Terms, Pt. 1

First off, let's hear it for the masterful coloring of Jason Embury! (between Thanksgiving, some grueling deadlines and a viscious head cold, Jason saved my ass on this one.)

I really started thinking about the end of this battle. These two armies would just fight to the last man if left to do so. No one wins.

And that may have happened if the old Dwarf Pope hadn't died. But Captain Dagna...excuse me, POPE Dagna, has more sense than that. She's cunning whereas the old pope was power mad. Don't get me wrong, our heroes shouldn't trust her as far as they can throw her...but she's not going to sacrifice what's left of her army...for what? To stop Lily & the gang from preventing armageddon? Then no one wins. Everyone dies.

Dagna is smart enough to know that if she takes what she has left, goes home, licks her wounds, benefits from some decent terms, she may be able to pull off dwarven world domination sometime in the future. And woe to those who oppose her then.

When approached by the failing dwarven army for terms, Tad took the opportunity to stop the killing. (having experienced a new appreciation for death just a couple of hours ago...) Otherwise, he too may have just fought until he was dead...letting his grief drive him to fight til the end.

The terms decided on by Tad & Dagna will be explained next week in "Terms Pt. 2"...

Just 7 episodes left for Season 1!