Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Atland #263 - To Remember Him

And so we leave young Tad.

I've known for months that Barry would end up getting Bruce's necklace. I've been drawing all his season 2 sketches with it on him. That's why I haven't previewed any of those drawings to you guys. Didn't want to blow this episode.

This is also the LAST episode I had to draw with snow in it! YAYYYY!

Next week, our heroes arrive in the lush green wilderness of the Northlands.

Just FIVE more episodes to go!

And I am officially announcing a live video chat the night of the final episode of Season 1. Thursday, January 28th at 7pm Eastern time. You'll be able to log on here: and communicate with me via chat. I'll answer your questions live. Maybe I'll even have some super secret preview stuff of Season 2!

Merry Christmas, folks! (Or whatever winter holiday you're celebrating.) I have the nog and the rum. I'm good to go!