Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Atland #260 - This Gods Forsaken Place

And with that, we exit the lair of the Nameless One.

And now you know a little more about the emerald that's up Barry's butt. Incidentally, Kerna is the wife (and sister!) of the king of the gods, Kern. Someday I'll delve more into Kern and Kerna and the other gods in a storyline. I've got some ideas.

Speaking of gods...

For those of you who are confused by the butterflies in this episode, they are a physical manifestation of Lily's goddess, Ria. (As seen in past episodes every time Lily has been in contact with Ria. Last time we saw Ria, she was severely weakened by the awakening power of the Nameless One. I threw the butterflies in there to reinforce Lily's last statement. Her goddess is still with her.

Next week, our heroes emerge into the snowy world above ground to face a sight they never imagined!