Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atland #277 - The Outside World

It's a plot mover folks. While not the most visually spectacular episode, it was necessary to get us out of the crypt and back into the above-ground world!

I originally had dialogue for those last two panels...but at the lettering stage I decided to remove it. I like the silence there. Clarke is pondering. Thinking of what his long dead lover would want of him.

Someone mentioned how Clarke is the obvious replacement for Bruce. True enough. But I wanted to differentiate Clarke from Bruce right off the bat by showing his incredible loyalty to his wife. (Don't get me wrong...Bruce was a true friend to his traveling companions, but he had some serious issues when it came to family. he did run out on Sheila & Tad...twice...but at least he tried to redeem himself before his death.)

NEXT WEEK, one of my favorite episodes to date...the boys hit the road and we return to the Brave Minotaur inn, where a surprise is waiting for Barry...

In other news, tomorrow I'll be attending my old college, where, for some reason, I'm being given the 2010 Alumni Award from the Art Deptment. Suit & tie fancy-pants dinner and everything!