Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Atland #278 - I Brought a Friend

Probably in my top 10 favorite episodes that I've ever drawn. This is usually determined by looking at an episode and seeing how much I feel like I could have done a better job...with this episode, I almost don't have that feeling!

I consider myself an adventurous eater. Probably because I do all the cooking in my house -- daily meals and holiday feasts. I've been to Europe and I've always eaten anything that was put in front of me. I may not like it, but I will TRY it.

So, for the record, I have eaten blood sausage. I can tell you that (as with almost anything,) drinking heavily helped it go down easier. It doesn't taste too bad, but the texture is like wet sawdust. I also ate head cheese on vacation this year. But you knew that if you follow these commentaries.

I promised you more Kitty (everyone seems to have fallen in love with her even though she has only appeared once up 'til now) so, here she is. More to come.

Speaking of TWO weeks (new schedule! No episode the last Thursday of the month)...we find out what happened that dark & storm night at the Brave Minotaur Inn.