Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Atland #279 - Last Night

When I first drew the interior of the Brave Minotaur inn, I realized it would be featured prominently in Season 2. So for consistency's sake, I made mental notes about the architecture inside. Later on I made a little pencil sketch of the floorplans of the ground floor and the upstairs inn rooms. Eventually I'll scan those and show you guys.

Astute readers will be able to identify what kind of monster's head is hanging on the wall in panel 1.

Also in this episode, I experimented with letting Kitty's hair down to see how it would look. I decided I didn't really like it. She looks better in pig tails -- so in the next episode, you'll see her tying up her hair in the background while some other characters have a discussion! (sometimes the simple fixes are the best!)

Next week...will Barry come clean about Vanessa Vonstadt? Be there and find out!