Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Atland #281 - But Daaaad!

This episode kicks off a 5-page flashback featuring young Barry. (I would do a whole series of one-shots of young Barry if I could. I love writing for the annoying little brat.)

For this flashback sequence, we have the illustrious, Jason Embury handling the coloring chores! I love working with Jason, and I thought it would help differentiate between "real time" and "flashback".

Factoids about #281:

- This episode was the FIRST page I finished for Season 2. The artwork has to be almost a year old. Maybe more. You can kind of tell, I think. Doesn't have the amount of detail I would decide to include later on. This episode was supposed to kick off season 2, but I changed my mind about where the flashback should appear.

- You'll notice the reappearance of one of our favorite lizard mounts, a Blockhead. Love drawing those lovable, drooling juggernauts.

- This is the first time we see the city of Spider's Web in all its glory. In "modern Atland", Spider's Web is empty and decrepit. I knew at the time we were going to see it in this sequence, so it was fun "putting it back together". Spider's Web was a much bigger city than what we saw. But the desert has reclaimed most of it. How the city ended up in ruins is a tale for another day.

In TWO weeks, Barry gets his first good ass kicking at the hands of a teenage girl.