Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Barbaribunny

Following up the previous post, here's a preview of "The Carrots of Gorr", a black and white yarn featuring Sheegra the Barbaribunny. More funny animal fantasy fun!

What I'm going for with both Hoofnar and Sheegra (they inhabit the same world) is old school funny animal humor. When I was working on Zyn Dweomer, I was reluctant to go full tilt with this idea. I avoided puns and tried to keep a semi-serious tone. But with this project, set in the savage realms of Yukaria, I am basically indulging my Captain Carrot and Conan fixations as I see fit.

This story is scripted at about 24 pages. But I generally edit mercilessly as I go, so it will probably end up around half that length.