Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hoofnar the Barbullian

Sunlight burns my skin glistens on my sinew as I climb from the cavernous cave and post on ye olde Wizards of Ur blog! First, I hope all my WoU friends are rocking out and kicking a lot of ass. From what I've noticed, they are. And it makes me smile.

I'm going to post some unfinished comics. These are stories I've worked on here-and-there but never actually finished up. Not that they're dead, I'm just taking a long time to do them by not working on them for months at a stretch.

Here's page one of Hoofnar the Barbullian. The status on this is work-in-progress with pages 2-4 pencilled and lettered. This particular story, called "The Problem of Weasels", will probably run about 8 pages. I would like to publish it as a print comic, with a few other short tales, either as a Hoofner title or bundled with The Barbaribunny as a funny animal fantasy spectacular. Fun.