Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ahmry of Uth!

Ok, here's another character calling to me from this strange place called "Uth". This is a funky project because unlike most of my stuff I can't put my finger on where it came from. I do have a sketch of Ugtu (the fugly barbarian) and I'm sure I scrawled the word "Uth" somewhere in my sketchbook. But basically it's a subnugget edging it's way to the surface of my brain.

We'll see what happens.


  1. Nice pic...nice inks, brother! I love the texture. This is a different side of you. I dig it!!!

  2. Stylistically, this is where I was going in 2002. At some point I leaned more heavily on the brush pens and tossed all the other pens aside and I sped up my work. I like it that way, but I also miss doing more detailed work. This project, if I choose to pursue it further, would be a good vehicle for me to explore the slightly more detail-oriented side of myself. I guess.

  3. I had a subnugget removed once.