Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ugtu, Warrior of Uth!

This weird guy has been in my head for about 6 months now. I've done a few sketches and written a few scenes and other notes. That means he's a player of some kind...he's going to insinuate himself into my already overburdened slate of projects.

Speaking of which...I'm overdue for an overhaul. Time to clean the desk off and do some project management. Two or three primary ideas are starting to emerge as favorites and others are moving more and more to the back burner. Zoa is going slow, but still going. Aroora at catgirlmojo is going steady and promises to be a lot of fun. The second issue of Land of Hof is three-quarters finished.

I often wish I had the tenacity of my fellow Wizards to pump more energy and time into a single project. But I've never been one to do that. I let my passions run roughshod over my intentions and the result is an array of projects in various states of upkeep.

But I am producing work. There was a time not too long ago that I was in a serious slump from which I didn't know if I could recover. I did recover, and in fact my entire approach to making comics changed. I'm still making comics, still having fun, and still looking forward to making more. So I guess you can say it's all good.


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