Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Atland #230 - When I Need You Most

Now you know why Sissyl didn't show up to back Nodd. She was too busy. And at this point, really doesn't need him anymore.

The coloring for the cave was inspired by palettes used by fellow Wizard of Ur, Travis Hanson.

I wrote myself into a corner here. WAAAAAAY back when this comic started, Lily's flashback of a previous Priestess of Ria showed her offering herself to the Nameless One NAKED. At the time, I was still playing with the idea of making ATLAND an R-rated comic. Full frontal nudity and all. Soon after I decided on a rough PG-13 rating (No nipples!)...never thinking about when I came to the end of the story, Lily would have to strip down for continuity.

So I had 2 choices: Go nude and find some goofy way to cover up her goodies in EVERY panel (smoke...blowing leaves...butterflies...etc...) or put SOME sort of clothing on her that I could use to cover her up when I needed to. I went with the second choice. A see-through toga. I figured I could still give you fans of Lily something to look at, but be able to leave out nipples or worse (gasp!) her naughtiest of naughties. You'll see how that works next week.