Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Atland #244 - Good Riddance

It felt good to draw Barry spitting on the corpse of the Dwarf Pope. I felt like I'd finished another long-waiting plot thread. I've been getting that feeling a lot lately.We've got about 12-15 +/- episodes left in Season 1. I'm sad that things are wrapping up, but happy knowing what I have in store for you in Season 2. Wish I could just blurt it all out!

Inky is finally reunited with the main plot line here. Realistically it made sense for him to recap for Barry. It doubled as a way to reinforce "the plan" to the reading audience. And I'd say the fact that Inky is still alive means that he & Captain Scar came to an agreement...

And in other news, ATLAND has been nominated for "Best Fantasy Webcomic, 2009" on Groovy.

And in yet more news, I just received a HUGE box of new art supplies from -- all my fresh materials for season 2. As you know, I'll be changing the format to "portrait" instead of "landscape" so that each page will be bigger on screen for you guys. It'll also mean I don't have to letter every episode twice (web & print). Save me some time. For this change, I've bought a ton of pre-lined Strathmore comic pages. First time I've ever used those. I'm also switching to Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens (Size M) for all my thin linework, and the totally AWESOME new Faber Castell PITT Big Brush for all my heavy blacks. I'm still using COPIC Multiliner SB BS brush pens for close up camera angles. probably don't care about this stuff, so I'll wrap up!

Next week, we rejoin Bruce, Tad and General Bron battling it out up on the Bluff...