Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Atland #246 - Look Out!

The drama! The drama!!! It felt good to snap that dwarf's neck and I think that last panel is one of my favorite close ups of Tad that I've ever done.

You know, I never write farther ahead than one episode. I let each week's script percolate in my mind until it's time to write/draw, but I never write ahead.

I tried it for the first time 2 months ago. I tried to sit down and write all the scripts for the remainder of what we've been calling, "Season 1". I got about 8 episodes ahead...and then I realized, they weren't even half as good as when I just write them week to week. I never realized how important that seven day "percolating" time in my head was to each episode.

So I crumpled them up and threw those episodes in my shredder. I went back and wrote ONLY the current week's script. The world of ATLAND will tell me what is supposed to happen each week. I know where it HAS to go, but I trust it to tell me how to get there.

Looking back now, I'm SO happy that I didn't use those 8 scripts. What you're reading now is MUCH better.

Next week...well, I'm not giving you ANY hint about next week...I'm gonna make you sweat this one out!