Monday, August 24, 2009

Those Pesky Humans PDF Release

The Print-at-Home PDF Version of the 'Those Pesky Humans' boardgame (illustrated by yours truly) is now available for Download here:

Right now you can get it for the special introductory price of $9.99. What's more the cost will be fully credited back to you if you later purchase the boxed edition from Minion Games - scheduled to be released later this year.

Those Pesky Humans game turns the tables and lets you play the role of the Monsters who are fighting off the annoying Humans who keep invading your dungeon. This game is playable against one or a team of your "friends". It is highly re-playable due to the variable dungeon tile design and the variety of Avatars and abilities you may choose to play with each game. Mechanics are kept very simple to keep the pace of the game moving quickly.