Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Atland #273 - Just Doing My Job

A little history lesson: It was common back in the day, (that's back before electricity and sanitation, kids...) that during a bout of plague, the city would paint a big red X on the door of any infected dwelling. I thought it would be freakin' hilarious if the towns in ATLAND used a smiley face instead. Sort of a happy, politically correct way of saying, "Certain death in here...have a nice day!"

Maybe it's only funny to me...took a chance.

And, by the way, "Chuckles the Ox" is my new favorite character in ATLAND. ::FNORK!::

Next week, into the bowels of the under-cemetery!

If anyone is going to be at Boston Comic Con this weekend, I SHOULD be there on Sunday. I'll be the dude walking around with the Blambot t-shirt. Stop me and say "hi!"