Thursday, April 1, 2010

Color...thy beauty is the shiz.

Yeah yeah yeah. I tried black and white for a while. And I like it very much. It gives me a depth that I wasn’t getting with color. But at the same time it stripped away a lot of valuable depth in other areas. I like using color to designate certain things…like goblin blood. You need a good yellow-green for goblin blood. And I like color coding spells.

So let’s face it. It was a heartfelt effort with some good results, but in the end this comic works best in color. It is a bold, colorful kind of comic book. It is inspired by colorful comics of yesteryear. When I imagine future issues, I see them in color.

So color it is.

I should begin to re-post the color versions of the black and white pages at this weekend, if all goes well. Household is sick at the moment. Strep throat, dammit.

Color, my lover, I am coming back to your bed. Brown chicken, brown cow.