Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Atland #275 - Clarke

When I decided to kill Bruce, and leave Lily off to replenish her order of priestesses back in Season 1, I had to start thinking long and hard about team replacements. I came up with Nessa almost instantly. But filling the other spot proved harder. I must have thrown away a half dozen ideas. There was a talking bear barbarian, a slimy serpent thing with one giant eyeball...Then I drew a wooden helmet and then a wooden face in the helmet...and eventually it turned into Clarke. (Who's named for my pal, Shane Clarke).

Next week, Clarke's origin!

And I am officially announcing the ATLAND schedule change. ATLAND will now run the first 3 Thursdays of every month. The last week of the month will be off.

Had a great, restful week in Arizona.

And I can finally cross of "Eat some Head Cheese" on my life's To-Do List. (Actually not too bad. Salty. porky. Just a hint of tongue, eyeballs and snout.)