Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Comics, sketches, fun!

I've been remiss in posting (due to some very strict deadlines), so, here are last week's and this week's new Legend of Bill strips!

...and to top things off - a page out of the ol' sketchbook!

So, what kind of sketchbook do you use, fellow wizards, and readers? I'm a total process geek, always have been. This is a page out of one of my faves, the Canson "Esquisse" 8.5x11 side spiral sketch pad. Another favorite is the Canson Universal sketchbook. They take pencil and ink BEAUTIFULLY!


  1. Nice work David!

    I'm truly random when it comes to sketching. I'll use just about anything. If I'm sitting in the living room with the family I'm probably doodling in an 8.5x11 hardbound deal (brand is random) or one of those half size jobs that fit into one of those half size leather covers (got one years ago). If I'm at my desk it's likely to be scrap paper brought home from work.

    But I'm 75% likely to sketch digitally. I treat sketches as temporary bits of information and inspirato and then use them like cheap brothel sluts when it suits me.

  2. I am really loving the Legend of Bill. Great work!

    On the, "what do you use for a sketch pad?" question; at the moment I a really these hardcover bound 5.5 by 8.5 books that I picked up at a local art store.
    They big enough to get some sketches into and small enough to take on the road.

  3. I use typing/computer paper. Yeah I know, I'm a caveman artist. Most of the time the finished sketches wind up in a drawer or stuffed between spent bristol board. Maybe it'll be a treasure trove for someone when I finally get nailed by that bus.