Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Atland #232 - The Very World

I know what you're thinking...waaaaay back at the beginning I showed a flashback where The Nameless One was shown as some sort of tentacle beast.

Now, I could bullsh*t you with my usual response of, "A wizard did it." but I broke continuity. I'll admit it fully.

But you know, the more I thought about it...the more BORING a tentacle monster is. EVERYBODY uses tentacles...the Lovecraft fans, the Japanese animated porn people...I wanted something more creative. So I broke continuity. I came up with a humungous creature made up of billions of writhing corpses...the souls of those who've tried to slay the Nameless One and lost.

At least now you're surprised that it's not some Chthulu-esque tentacle thing. And isn't this more fun?

Next week, the dwarves finally arrive and our guys prepare themselves for battle...