Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Atland #235 - That's My Boy

Enter the Potatomen! NOW we've got the makings of a fight on our hands!

Usually I get an episode done in 2-3 sittings from start to finish. This one had to have been 6 or 8. Deadlines with my projects from Marvel and Dark Horse got a little hairy the week I drew this and it took days to finally wrap it up.

I also didn't have the last line until I was actually lettering it. I think it changed about 4 times. Sometimes I do that when I write. I'll have all the dialogue except the big impact line at the end and I'll finally decide when I'm finishing the episode.

Next week, we rejoin Inky as he gets close to rejoining his friends. But there's one last, deadly surprise waiting for him.