Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Atland #234 - So Be It

I first imagined the Simians as a race of honorable warriors. Kind of a mix between Klingons and samurai. They're all about the bloodsport, but they've got a strict code of honor. Even though it is ridiculous that only 2 warriors prevent the whole dwarven army from entering the Nameless One's lair, Bron is flexing his authority here. I imagine the only reason why the dwarves put up with Bron is that he really gets fantastic results. He's the strategic mind behind most of their victories against the Northlands lately.

And of course...we reintroduce Tad. And you know what that means: Potatomen!

Next week, Tad explains himself and the odds get a little more even...

And if you missed it, Robertson Games has created a player race out of Simians for D&D! ... ace-for-4e