Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Atland #264 - Temple of Ria, Pt. 1

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about all that money Lily made slaying the Zombilops! Uh-uh! That's why that WHOLE story came to be. I had to give Lily enough cash to accomplish THIS. Rebuilding the original Temple of Ria...restarting her order of priestesses...

I had to break out ATLAND book 1 for reference for that middle panel! I found Lily's origin story and realized I hadn't drawn a temple of Ria since this whole strip started!

Now, this isn't the temple shown in Lily's origin -- it's the FIRST temple of Ria. It's noted on the new ATLAND map, (coming soon). It's north and west up the coast from Barry's kingdom of Xerexos.

And now you know the significance of the butterflies whenever Ria appeared to Lily all this time. They're the native butterflies around this temple. (in my scripts, I refer to them as, "Amethyst Butterflies")

Next week, Temple of Ria, Pt. 2 -- we say goodbye to our favorite priestess...

Just FOUR episodes left of Season 1!

Have a happy New Year, everyone!

Monday, December 28, 2009

page 72 & 73 update

just thought a double page update was in store today- to read the whole story go here
Also issue 3 is almost to press- so exciting:)


The Barbarian - Portrait

A bit of of a new character I'm developing. It seems this idea is merging with my concepts for an Elfbone print comic. I've written two full scripts and reams of notes and doodles so hopefully I'll pull something wicked out of the old wizard hat soon...

Lucid Skin

For anyone who enjoys this blog or at least has an affection for some of its content, you really should check out Lucid Skin, a site featuring reviews of erotic fantasy and sci-fi artists. There is some wicked mojo to be found there.

And not just because they did a review of my junk a while back!

Check it all out. But make sure you dig into one of my all-time favorite artists Alejandro GutiƩrrez Franco. If I had the ability to draw like this guy you're damn right I'd be doing it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Barbarian

In those days the world was bathed in fire and ice and raw to the bones. Into this came the Barbarian. No one knew from where she came. No one knew why. Yet come she did…

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Atland #263 - To Remember Him

And so we leave young Tad.

I've known for months that Barry would end up getting Bruce's necklace. I've been drawing all his season 2 sketches with it on him. That's why I haven't previewed any of those drawings to you guys. Didn't want to blow this episode.

This is also the LAST episode I had to draw with snow in it! YAYYYY!

Next week, our heroes arrive in the lush green wilderness of the Northlands.

Just FIVE more episodes to go!

And I am officially announcing a live video chat the night of the final episode of Season 1. Thursday, January 28th at 7pm Eastern time. You'll be able to log on here: and communicate with me via chat. I'll answer your questions live. Maybe I'll even have some super secret preview stuff of Season 2!

Merry Christmas, folks! (Or whatever winter holiday you're celebrating.) I have the nog and the rum. I'm good to go!


issue 3 cover and new page

Here is the art to issue 3- The books go to press the first week of Jan and I will keep you informed on when they come out.

Also you can see the newest page to the comic series here

Have a wonderful christmas as well

Monday, December 21, 2009

merry christmas and a new page

merry christmas guys- hope the new year and the holidays treat you good and a new comic page up for you as well:)


Friday, December 18, 2009

Legitimacy Print & Play Released

Well, you've had a taste of it already here in the realms of Ur, but now, just in time for the holidays, comes the print-and-play release of my boardgame: "Legitimacy". I devised it over the holidays 2 years ago, and thanks to the good folks at Minion Games it's finally ready for primetime. It's an easy-to-play game with some unique mechanics, full of lots of original art by yours-truly. If you're craving some anarchic, low-cost, Pewfell-style fun to share with your friends and family this holidays and have a color printer handy then this is the game for you:

"Legitimacy: The Game of Royal Bastards"

A fast-paced, magical chase game for 2-6 Players

The kingdom of Legitimant is in turmoil. The old king has died, leaving no legitimate heir... He has, however, left several illegitimate ones.

Since you were an infant, your mother has told you of the royal blood that runs in your veins. Now the time has come for you and your trusty animal sidekick to set out on an epic quest to fulfil your destiny and claim the throne that is your birthright.

Whether you choose to follow a path of righteousness or use every dirty trick in the book, you’ll need nerve, cunning and just a little luck as you assemble an assortment of strange creatures and magical objects to out-manouver and overpower your rivals and prove that you are, indeed, the one true heir of Legitimacy!

As with all our Print & Play Games, Minion Games will give you a full credit of ths cost of this game towards the purchase of the print version when it's released.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Ho-Ho!

I hope all my brothers in the Wizards of Ur have a very Merry-One and that all those who have been forced to follow this blog have an even Merrier, Merry-One! May you find yourselves under the mistletoe with some buxom young lass carrying one mug for you and another for her.

Play Nice.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

issue 3 news and new page

New pages for this week are up and I am at a part of the story that I enjoy, well I enjoy all of it, yet there are some parts more than others that really tickle my fancy.

you can read the whole thing here

Also issue 3 will go to press the week of January- I'll post the cover next week. I am really excited as I finish up the text edits and the cover art. I have already scripted the 40 pages for issue 4 and have also started the pencil work. I am looking to get that one done by april.


Atland #262 - Terms, Pt. 2

So there you have the deal between the dwarves and the potatomen.

The dwarves agree to release the Northlands (The continent where Barry's kingdom is located) and cease expansion in exchange for the potatomen's mining technology.

This may seem like a loss for the dwarves, but like I said last week, Dagna is no fool. Her armies have been spread thin with expansion (and she just lost thousands more...). She's going to go home and get stronger. Repopulate her armies. Use the potatomen's mining tech to dig ore, precious metals and gems and fill her banks with capital. She's thinking long term.

The potatomen (who's kingdom is also located in the Northlands) get their lands back. And they don't have to worry about dwarven incursion.

For now.

Next week, our group of friends grows smaller still...

Just SIX episodes left for season 1!

Also, I will be doing live video chats! Bookmark my Ustream channel:
Dates to be announced. I already did an impromptu test with my webcam, and it works great. You guys can ask questions via the chat feature, and I answer them live on video/audio.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Witch on the Road

This is another character design for a future project way down the road. All the projects I mentioned in a previous post are on hold for a while as I embark on a special project which, as it always seems to be, I can't really say much about at the moment. After a very long year of unemployment and the misery that goes with it; I'm kind of grinning right now.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Play Nice!

Friday, December 11, 2009

new pages well a couple anyways

Ok here are more pages actually a few more - I have just been slammed and haven't been able to update everywhere - except the main comic pages- I hope you enjoy the tale so far. CAn you believe 67 pages so far- wow- and i have another 50 drawn.

You can read the whole story here-

I am also finishing off issue 3 and i am starting the art to issue 4- I am really jazzed about the direction on where it is going. I'll post more often - promise-


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Atland #261 - Terms, Pt. 1

First off, let's hear it for the masterful coloring of Jason Embury! (between Thanksgiving, some grueling deadlines and a viscious head cold, Jason saved my ass on this one.)

I really started thinking about the end of this battle. These two armies would just fight to the last man if left to do so. No one wins.

And that may have happened if the old Dwarf Pope hadn't died. But Captain Dagna...excuse me, POPE Dagna, has more sense than that. She's cunning whereas the old pope was power mad. Don't get me wrong, our heroes shouldn't trust her as far as they can throw her...but she's not going to sacrifice what's left of her army...for what? To stop Lily & the gang from preventing armageddon? Then no one wins. Everyone dies.

Dagna is smart enough to know that if she takes what she has left, goes home, licks her wounds, benefits from some decent terms, she may be able to pull off dwarven world domination sometime in the future. And woe to those who oppose her then.

When approached by the failing dwarven army for terms, Tad took the opportunity to stop the killing. (having experienced a new appreciation for death just a couple of hours ago...) Otherwise, he too may have just fought until he was dead...letting his grief drive him to fight til the end.

The terms decided on by Tad & Dagna will be explained next week in "Terms Pt. 2"...

Just 7 episodes left for Season 1!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twisty & Organic

I don't really know where this piece came from.
I'll have a version in color sometime soon.

Norg Warrior

From my archive of Zyn Dweomer stuff, this is a Norg warrior. Norg are a breed of horned folks who live in none other than the land of Norg, which is to the north. I made her sort of fair and ruddy looking. They're a barbaric, sort of Viking-inspired people. Classic snow-dwellers that don't seem to wear the kind of clothing suitable for snowy weather.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The last episode of ATLAND Season 1...

I just plotted out the last few episodes of Season 1 and it looks like the end of Season 1 will be... (drumroll)

#268...Scheduled for Thursday, January 28th.

I will then be taking a 6-week break -- but every Thursday during the break I will be releasing new concept art from Season 2, including your first look at new heroes, villains, monsters, and locations...and the release of the new ATLAND map.

Then on March 18th, Atland Season 2 will debut!

That's the plan, guys!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fight On Magazine

for the old-school gamer... I don't really play D&D these days, but this sure makes me want to pick it up again...

Atland #260 - This Gods Forsaken Place

And with that, we exit the lair of the Nameless One.

And now you know a little more about the emerald that's up Barry's butt. Incidentally, Kerna is the wife (and sister!) of the king of the gods, Kern. Someday I'll delve more into Kern and Kerna and the other gods in a storyline. I've got some ideas.

Speaking of gods...

For those of you who are confused by the butterflies in this episode, they are a physical manifestation of Lily's goddess, Ria. (As seen in past episodes every time Lily has been in contact with Ria. Last time we saw Ria, she was severely weakened by the awakening power of the Nameless One. I threw the butterflies in there to reinforce Lily's last statement. Her goddess is still with her.

Next week, our heroes emerge into the snowy world above ground to face a sight they never imagined!



Another pinup for Steve Coffin's fantasy yarn about a warrior cook...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Momsters of Webcomics 2009

Going to be in SF on December 12th?

if so, come and see me here:

Zyn Dweomer #1 preview

Hi all!

I just wanted to share a little teaser art from the first full-size issue of Zyn Dweomer, now on my drawing table. I'm still early in the game so I can't say a lot about timing and availability of the printed comic yet, but I can tell you that the creative juices are flowing as nice as a good wine.

One thing I've discovered is that its difficult to write decent goblin dialog. You want them to sound stupid, but not derivative. In the end you just wing it and hope a sort of dialect evolves on the page. Which I think it sort of does.

So yeah, there are goblins in issue #1.

More later...

All fonts by Blambot, natch!