Monday, September 26, 2011

Pewfell in "Drain of Chaos" is done!!!

The world's most irresponsible wizard, is about to face his greatest challenge yet... fatherhood!

His wife pregnant and his home collapsing, Pewfell takes a job with the city sewer patrol. But with a zombie-mad dictator running the government and a bloodthirsty army of chaos outside the gates, this may not be the best time to start a family.

Join our hero as he deals with dirty diapers, unreliable contractors, idiotic co-workers, and a diminutive blue lodger hell-bent on a career in musical theater...

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10 years in the making, this is the fourth volume of Pewfell's adventures, complete and in print for the very first time. The story features over 500 individual strips, revised and expanded from it's original appearance as a webcomic on Presented in a large-format, deluxe hard-cover edition with160 full-color pages.