Friday, October 30, 2009

HAIRY THINGS: This month in Previews!

HAIRY THINGS is a 3 part Misadventures of Clark & Jefferson mini series from APE Entertainment written by Jay Carvajal with art by Marc Borstel. It is also the series with a backup feature illustrated by yours truly. Hairy Things got a "Certified Cool" tag by Diamond and is available for ordering in this month's catalog. All three issues are shipping in the month of January on a weekly basis. Here's the solicitations for the issues below.

Written by Jay Caravajal, art by Marc Borstel.

The Wild West can be a scary place, as four unlikely friends discover, when they stumble upon a remote town deep in the Colorado Rockies that is being attacked by big hairy creatures. Sadly, for this gang, these hairy things may be the least of their worries! Ships weekly in January!
32 pages, $3.95 Diamond Order Code: NOV09 0585 HAIRY THINGS #1 (OF 3)


Written by Jay Caravajal, art by Marc Borstel.
Bigfoot's attacks continue! Two members of the gang form an alliance with the hairy creatures to try and rescue their captured friends from a town full of cannibals holed up in a church. They better hurry, because the cannibals are getting hungry and the prisoners are looking tasty! Ships weekly in January!
32 pages, $3.95 Diamond Order Code: NOV09 0586 HAIRY THINGS #2 (OF 3)


Written by Jay Caravajal, art by Marc Borstel.
The thrilling conclusion as the gang and Bigfoot battle the town full of hungry cannibals! Snow, bullets, fur, and blood will be flying as the two sides square off in a fight to the finish in the wild and weird west! Ships weekly in January!
32 pages, $3.95 Diamond Order Code: NOV09 0587 HAIRY THINGS #3 (OF 3)

Check it out kids!
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Cool old-timey stereoscopic photos from japan

Might make you feel a bit dizzy, but cool to view:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sphinx attack!

Hey guys! I got a Cintiq last weekend and here's what I done with it. There's some more stuff up on my own blog at:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Atland #256 - Help Me...

Thus exits the Demon Sissyl. And good riddance! Just think, this is what might have happened to Lily if things had gone differently… ::shivers::

Normally, I would have put Sissyl’s final dialogue in a word balloon…but somehow the white on black, floating text seemed to feel so much more like…a VOID, a place where even her voice is obliterated. One of those moments where a stylistic change just felt right.

You’re really not going to notice, but I think this is the 3rd episode that I drew on the new Strathmore pre-lined comic book art boards. I’m just turning them sideways to draw the balance of Season 1. For Season 2, the format will change to standard comic dimensions (portrait, as opposed to landscape.)
But this change of paper made for some interesting logistical problems. Anyone who’s bought my original art knows I USED draw all the way to the edges of an 11x17” page. But I’m using the guidelines on the new paper stock, which changes the dimension of the finished art…which means I have to crop it to fit the old dimensions in photoshop.

All of this means nothing to you, but it’s an added pain in the ass for me. I can’t wait til I’m drawing portrait format full time on Season 2 on this new paper.

Have a groovy Halloween, folks! It’s my 10th wedding anniversary!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Just sharing today's pencils. This could possibly be page one for a new/old apocalyptic inspired project or, simply, what I did on my day off. Actually, everyday is a day off. Whatever.

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I'm Gonna Kill You

Bit of fun...

Monday, October 26, 2009

HappY Birthday

Happy 40th birthday, Chuck, you old geezer!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

new page up on the bean

the bean pages and other updates.

well just added a new page up
you can check them out here


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zombie Love

I've had so many projects and potential projects running through my brain and past my desk that it all came to a standstill with me hitting the wall . So, nothing beats da' funk like doodling some zombies for no reason. I like this picture a little bit so I may need to turn it into another project. Then again...maybe not. Enjoy.

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Atland #255 - Welcoming Committee

The story behind this episode is that I was too sick to finish it myself. A couple of weeks ago I got food poisoned at a little coffee shop. Apparently their creamer was...shall we say...less than fresh. I spent the next few days in abdominal agony. There was just no way I was going to be able to color this episode with everything else on my plate (if you'll excuse the joke) I called in the amazing Jason Embury. Long time web-buddy and colorist extraordinaire. I had already hired Jason to color some episodes of ATLAND Season 2 for me, so it was only natural that I enlist his help for this episode.

I think Jason did a fantastic job. Wait til you see what he's done for Season 2. Knocked it out of the park!

Check out Jason's work here:

As far as this scene goes -- I never intended to make so much use of the Nameless One's avatars, but they presented a wonderful way for small mortals to interact with the enormous demon. In fact, I re-wrote and added an extra episode coming up because I had a great idea for these rotten little skeletons.

Next week, we bid a fond farewell to Sissyl...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Atland #254 - A Third Option

Raise your hand if you got food poisoned last weekend!!! (Raises hand.) Yeah...I'm just starting to feel normal again. Ugh. Between that and the holiday, I got waaaay behind (more on that later...let's get to this week's episode...)

We learned a few things about Inky here that I've never told you guys. Inky doesn't like to talk about his past, but he's trying to properly address a nearly omnipotent being... We learned his dad's name, that he was a member of the Desert Glass Thieves' Guild...and that he's from Naen (you can go find it on the map). We already knew he was a former spy for the dwarves...that's how he knew Nodd.

So I asked myself...why wouldn't Inky & Barry plan to stab the Nameless One with the Demonbreaker? A couple of reasons:

1) Once they took a look at him, I figure they would have seriously doubted that they could sneak up on the first of the 13 greater demons. But Sissyl? Ranting about her victory? An easier target...and still a bargaining chip. A demon being sacrificed to another demon? THAT'S sweeter than a thousand mortals. Demons spirits are eternal...unless extinguished by a more powerful entity.

2) They wanted to save Lily...but they also wanted to get Bruce back. If anyone in that cave had the ability to bring Bruce back, it would have been the Nameless One. Sissyl would never have cooperated. Barry & Inky just had no idea that demons couldn't grant life. They're not experts and it was worth a try.

I've been so ill the last few days that I had to call in the inimitable Jason Embury to color next week's episode for me so it would be done on time. Jason will also be coloring some episodes of Season 2.


page 50!

50 Pages and hanging out at APE!
Ok I just posted page 50 a heck of an accomplishment since it has been many years since I have done a webcomic. I am jazzed especially since i am halfway through issue 3 as well. Making my total page count 96 :) wohoo!

you can read the new pages here

Also I am going to be at APE, so stop by the table for a free sketch and issue 2(which is not free, but i will sketch in it for free:)) . Looking forward to seeing you

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

Here's another "thinking out loud" piece from a story I'm putting together. Sometimes as I'm writing an image will just take hold and not let go until I get it on paper. This little story that I've been working on during breaks from another project is coming together nicely. I usually don't spend a great amount of time in pre-development on a project. Most of the time I just create as I'm drawing a page. I'm enjoying the process of slowly building a world here. Hopefully, by the time I'm ready to jump into this with both feet, I'll have a pretty good blueprint. Until then, enjoy the teases.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Charles Vess

If you're a fan of Charles Vess or even just really good fantasy art then you will dig this. Dark Horse Comics is putting out a Charles Vess art book called, "Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess." The really cool deal here is that Dark Horse has offered a free preview of the entire book! Check it out! Once you've checked that out, why don't you wander over to Mr. Vess' Green Man Press website. It has tons of cool stuff to check out including the process Mr. vess uses to make his sweet eye candy. This is good stuff!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zyn Dweomer #51

New page up, finally. I was taking a bit of a cooling break before making this format change. I wanted to make sure it was really what I wanted to do. So yeah, it is.

Soon: the Zyn Dweomer mini-comic series with scratch-n-sniff covers!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Issue 2 is on sale!

issue 2 is here!
You can get it at - Sketches for everyone:)

Really jazzed, I love the format and 40 pages has been a blessing let me tell you-

trav- plus bonus page update here

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Atland #253 - KNEEL

So there it is: Sissyl's true form. Adorable, huh?

I figure the lesser demons in ATLAND look more literally like "demons". The 13 Greater Demons are nearly omnipotent, and so can look like whatever they want.

You'll also note that Lesser Demons also resemble Imps like Pissface, from previous story arcs. Imps are the low man on the ladder; related to Greater and Lesser demons, but the very least powerful of the family. Able to teleport and that's about it.

I have to say, it felt really good to draw Inky getting a little payback for the loss of his former lover, and his pal. And it's only gonna get better.

Next week...Inky & Barry propose a THIRD bargain to the Nameless One. And Sissyl is none too thrilled.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Una the Blade sketchdump

I haven't posted sketchbook stuff here in a while. Here are some drawings for my barbarian single-mom thing, Una the Blade.

A few Una the Blade sketches

More exploration of Una's world and experiments with inking. Also, check out this lovely painted sketch by the amazing Mike Birkhofer!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Here's a bit of weirdness from Da' Bunker. It's October and that means my spirits are restless; in a good way. I love this time of year. I feel pretty inspired lately and have a constant urge to fill the white space in front of me with reckless abandon. Today's results are on display in this post. Also, I'm still working on an old project which is coming along greatly. I'm still not ready to share it yet. I'm keeping this one under the covers until the first issue is completed. Sorry. Happy October all.

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