Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dark Mischief

Halloween is coming...and so is Dark Mischief!

Dark Mischief is a 200+ page anthology of great spooky, whimsical, and mischievous comics stories

Dark Mischief Volume One will feature stories by Mitch Byrd (Starman, Predator, Starship Troopers), AP. Furtado (Heavy Metal), Dirk Manning (Nightmare World), Thomas Hall (Robot 13), Dani Jones (My Sister the Freak), Dave Flora (Ghost Zero), Sara Turner (Ghosts of Pineville), Kim Holm, Mark Rudolph, Cayetano Garza, Sam Kirkman, Pam Harrison, Wayne Spencer, Kenny Durkin, Thomas Florimonte Jr, and more.

The collection will be edited by, Jenni Gregory with an assist by Barry Gregory, design by me, and a cover by Mitch Byrd.

The Kickstarter Campaign:

We're fortunate in that we don't need to generate funds for printing.

So what's the purpose of this campaign? Simple ... We're hoping to raise some funds to pay advances to the artists and writers who have contributed to this project. That's it. 100% of all proceeds from this campaign (after paying for the rewards themselves) go directly to the creators who contributed stories as advances on their royalties.

We're offering some great rewards -- including a limited edition of the book available ONLY as a Kickstarter reward! Take a look and see for yourself!

You can find more information and story previews at the Dark Mischief blog!

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