Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zyn Dweomer #27

This one goes up tomorrow. Jumping the gun for the Wizard-izards.

Plus I'm behind a strip or two. Figure that's going to be par for the course until baby is, y'know, grown up!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dark Queen waits...

A quick, rough (and slightly more detailed than usual as far as Legend of Bill style) sketch I did tonight of the Dark Queen, after writing some more of her return… She waits for you, Bill… beware! She’s full of surprises yet.

I'm a twit

now you can follow me on Twitter:

Angel of Hornbag

This was just a doodle, then I thought it made a nice design for a t-shirt or something so I worked it up a bit... I dunno. An "I Honk for Hornbag" bumper sticker?!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mr.Scarechild page2

Here's the next page.

Only kinda fantasy

This is the first of 5 pages for a pitch I'm sending around to publishers. Written by Chris Wolf.

Zyn Dweomer #26

Meant to post this a few days ago. Been a busy boy lately with non-art junk both good and annoying.

The characters continue to gel for me. Take Naola, for instance. It is becoming clear to me that she is a single minded career girl. When her job is made easier, she gets happy. When it becomes harder, she gets grumpy. It's all about getting the job done.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boxers or Briefs?

** Also, be sure to visit Imagine This Monday, March 30th as well, as my guest strip for Lucas Turnbloom will run there - Lucas' wife just had a baby, had ta help a webcomics bro in need!

From the sketchbook

The pencil and pen never stops! Some doodley fun from the sketchbook of an elven maiden from the realm of Bill

Atland #226 - Inky Vs. Nodd, Pt. 1

Here's the first showdown of the big finale...Inky Vs. Nodd, part 1 of 3.

Not sure what to say other than this is a plot mover. A set up for the showdown. I'm particularly pleased with the close up of Inky.

You figured out that Inky killed Bone-Brow and took the Demonbreaker, I'm sure.

Next week, it comes down to knock-down, drag-out violence...


Non-Fantasy Dept.: Jessica Simpson sketch

A doodle from the sketchbook of holy-doodley goodness… sketched Jessica Simpson from a photo of her in “those pants” from a month ago or so, when the all-knowing media touted her as gaining too much weight or sumthin’ crazy like that. But it was a good picture, and had to sketch it in the ol’ cartoony style!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Ode to a few fellow Wizards... and then some

Finally found an excuse to draw some Pewfell and Atland love. :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Village (pencils)

I wanted to show this one off at this early stage in case I trash it in the inking process. I'm happy with it at the moment. I'm always happy when I'm in the penciling stage of's where I'm comfortable. Once I move on from there, all bets are off!

As I was scanning this, I noticed the bird turd in the foreground which I don't remember putting it in there. I say it's a keeper.

Play Nice.

Much the Miller's Son book2 page 51

Zyn Dweomer #25

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Sounds of Ur

I made a Pandora radio station, seeded from some favorite wizard bands and songs. Seems to be playing quite nicely for me, your comments and band/song suggestions are welcome!

Listen now

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Comics, sketches, fun!

I've been remiss in posting (due to some very strict deadlines), so, here are last week's and this week's new Legend of Bill strips!

...and to top things off - a page out of the ol' sketchbook!

So, what kind of sketchbook do you use, fellow wizards, and readers? I'm a total process geek, always have been. This is a page out of one of my faves, the Canson "Esquisse" 8.5x11 side spiral sketch pad. Another favorite is the Canson Universal sketchbook. They take pencil and ink BEAUTIFULLY!

A couple more new Pewfell covers

Apparently the proofs of my new color Trade Paperbacks are in the mail. Of course I'll be announcing it here as soon as they are proofed and available! In the meantime, here a are a couple more new covers to keep you going. These would be for the last two books of Drain of Chaos, which I still need to color... volunteers please apply!

Atland #225 - Imbeciles

I guess that wraps up Bone-Brow's part in this series! :) And the chubby dwarf...and anyone else who screws with Captain Scar! (As I've begun calling her in my head.)

I love improvising new characters. The three inept dwarves were developed right on the page. I particularly like the guy who had a venereal disease so bad it made his nose rot off.

I think it's pretty obvious who's got the Demonbreaker, don't you?

Next week, the final showdown between Nodd and Inky begins...


unnamed weekly comic page 1

here is my weekly comic update
page 1- figured it was time.

Thanks nate- I am working at once a week no more no less. I still figuring out what will be the final day- but i just needed to start somewhere


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Much the Miller's Son book2 page 50

It was bound to happen.

Character Sketch 3

Legend of Bill Speaks!

Check out the interview with Wizard David Reddick at Tall Tale Features:

Also linked there is an extensive interview with Cobalt 60 artist Mark Bodé, sure to be of interest to the Fans of Ur as there's no denying the homage us wizards all owe to the Bodés!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ZD Episode 24

Not yet posted live, this is a special Sunday preview for Wizards of Ur readers only! Hooray!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Much the Miller's Son book2 page 49

Fleshing It Out

I started adding bits of setting and character information to I'd like for that sort of stuff to grow and grow over time.

But it's a tightwire walk. I don't like the idea of giving too many details away before they are made evident in the comic itself. Some stuff that I know won't be a factor can be revealed, some stuff I hold close to my chest either because its really important to the story or I want the option to change it before it goes public.

I'm always impressed with comic sites that offer a lot of peripheral information about the world they've created. Atland, YAFGC, Order of the Stick...lots of others. It was always my goal to do that with my own webcomic.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Much the Miller's Son page 48

Elfiness Abounds

For at least a few months I've been toying with sketching elves of various design. I started goofing around with anthropomorphic characters a long time ago and ended up with a comic...I believe before all is said and done I'll have some sort of elf-themed comic.

In fact, I even have a title for it:

Dozens of sketches, a cool title, and lots of ideas floating in my head. But only time will tell if this becomes an actual comic or remains a collection of scribbles, doodles, and drawings.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Atland #224 - The Last Goodbye

With this episode, the group is permanently fractured; Bruce & Barry playing defense, Lily facing her own death (and potentially eveyone else's,) and Inky dealing with Nodd and the dwarves. I don't think you'll see them together as a unit for the duration.

I think I mentioned it last week, but when I sat down to draw this one, it really hit me that I was ending over three years of comics. I got a little sentimental. I'd feel even worse if I didn't know what great things I have in store for you guys with Season 2.

As for notes: The Cave of the Hand (The Nameless One's lair) sits at the center of the Gates of Hell (You can see them in the background of panel 1.) I thought long and hard about how I could make the cave interesting and finally came up with the stone hand. I think it came out pretty well.

Anyway, next week, we move ever forward towards the end with episode 225 when someone seems to have relieved Commander Bone-Brow of the Demonbreaker...


Zyn Dweomer Twenty-Two-A

Trying something new. Just a bit of an adjustment of options for me, really. I've said before that since many of these pages are essentially split-level it is a possibility to just post them this way.

No plans to change the format for all-time or all posts, just an open option so I can post more frequently and/or relieve some time due in less than 3 weeks!

I threw in a sycophant character...gotta love them.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The horns DO make the man

Una the Blade by James V. West

An energetic little piece by James of my Una and family.

What's on Tap.

With my Megacon high starting to wear-off, it’s time to get back to work. I have a few projects on my plate which I’m working on.

First and foremost is Mill Girl. I’m currently working on the second issue, cover provided here.Also, just a reminder, the first issue is available for ordering right here.

I’m also working on a comic written by the multi-talented Jenni Gregory called Becky’s Alien. I’ve had this on the back-burner for too long. This is a great story and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

I’m also working on a backup story for Jay Carvajal’s Misadventures of Clark and Jefferson about two of the aliens from the first mini-series. This is a pretty cool story written by Jay and should be out from Ape Entertainment sometime this year.

Beyond those three projects I have a few little things I want to do including a possible return to webcomics, a sketch/ art book, possibly getting Elf `n Troll collected in some form or other and of course contributing some debris to the Wizard’s of Ur site.

Oh yeah…I have a few pics from Megacon 2009 posted here.

Play Nice!

Door Animation

Ok, this isn't exactly cartoon fantasy but it's really fantastic: Pascal Campion

Fawn and Brig ala LeCouilliard

Our fellow Wizard Steve LeCouilliard throws down some mean lines on paper to bring my characters from Seven Arrows to life: