Monday, May 28, 2012


Here are the first couple of pages of Doomslakers, which is the most recent comic I'm actively working on. These are still WIPs, to some degree. I will probably change a little of the dialog and maybe tweak some of the art.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Barbaribunny

Following up the previous post, here's a preview of "The Carrots of Gorr", a black and white yarn featuring Sheegra the Barbaribunny. More funny animal fantasy fun!

What I'm going for with both Hoofnar and Sheegra (they inhabit the same world) is old school funny animal humor. When I was working on Zyn Dweomer, I was reluctant to go full tilt with this idea. I avoided puns and tried to keep a semi-serious tone. But with this project, set in the savage realms of Yukaria, I am basically indulging my Captain Carrot and Conan fixations as I see fit.

This story is scripted at about 24 pages. But I generally edit mercilessly as I go, so it will probably end up around half that length.

Hoofnar the Barbullian

Sunlight burns my skin glistens on my sinew as I climb from the cavernous cave and post on ye olde Wizards of Ur blog! First, I hope all my WoU friends are rocking out and kicking a lot of ass. From what I've noticed, they are. And it makes me smile.

I'm going to post some unfinished comics. These are stories I've worked on here-and-there but never actually finished up. Not that they're dead, I'm just taking a long time to do them by not working on them for months at a stretch.

Here's page one of Hoofnar the Barbullian. The status on this is work-in-progress with pages 2-4 pencilled and lettered. This particular story, called "The Problem of Weasels", will probably run about 8 pages. I would like to publish it as a print comic, with a few other short tales, either as a Hoofner title or bundled with The Barbaribunny as a funny animal fantasy spectacular. Fun.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


No posts for months & months, then all of a sudden two come along at once...

The Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG is here. Well, I just got my copy of it anyway. It's still listed as a pre-order at the Goodman Games site:

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

This MASSIVE, hard-backed tome clocks in at over 470 pages and is a brand new set of role-playing game rules, that hark back to the early days of D&D. It's not a clone, though, it's a whole new set of rules, inspired by where the game might have gone if it has stayed true to its original roots.

Goodman Games have been publishing their 'Dungeon Crawl Classics' d20 supplements for a number of years (some of which I contributed art to), and in the past have put out other luminous works such as original D&D co-creator Dave Arenson's "Blackmoor" campaign setting. Now they've taken the logical next step and come up with the ruleset you always wished you had. Yes, these are the rules to kick your imagination into high gear and re-ignite your love of fantasy RPGs!

The icing on the cake, for me, is that it's chock-full of gorgeous old-school black & white RPG art, much of it new works by artist whose pieces appeared in the first edition TSR D&D books such as Jeff Easley, Jim Holloway, Diesel LaForce, Russ Nicholson, Jim Roslof, Jeff Dee, Erol Otus, Doug Kovacs, Stefan Poag & Peter Mullen. Seriously, it's worth buying just for this amazing art... oh and it also includes a dozen or-so cartoons by yours-truly (previously posted here). Man, I am so honored to be included in this illustrious company.

Check it out

My first Kickstarter campaign!

Tahiti is a boardgame created by a guy called David Whitcher being published by Minion Games - I did the art for it. It's an excellent game, very easy to learn and play, great for friends and family, what we call a 'gateway game'. It has a strong 'Euro'-mechanic and will please both casual and serious gamers. The Kickstarter page just went live and run through June 19th, so please spread the word far and wide!

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