Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Atland #209 - The Séance, Pt. 2

I got a TON of e-mail from pissed-off people thinking I killed off the Countess. No one seemed to notice she was WEARING the ring of longevity that Lily bartered with. She WOULD have been dead otherwise.

I'll be the first to admit, this isn't the best artwork I've ever produced. The universe conspired against me and it's a miracle that I even got it done. I had all kinds of car trouble that week and had to go sit in the dealership for hours...not once, but TWICE to get it fixed. I had no choice but to bring my drawing gear with me to the dealership and draw and ink it there. Ugh. Not my ideal location for creativity. Not to mention people peeking over my shoulder and giving me odd looks.

I COULD have just given up and not had an episode for you this week. But I would have let myself down.

Anyway, water under the bridge as they say. I promise next week the artwork will be better when Bruce comes up with a plan to deal with the threat waiting to ambush our heroes in Nilfang...and we get to revisit a place you guys haven't seen in years...


  1. It came out great nevertheless...

    I feel like we need to set up a system of medals and awards to give ourselves for such things, so I hereby present you with the very first Wizard Piekos Medal for Persistent Cartooning In The Face Of Adversity and the Countess VonKrypt Award for Killing-Off A Character And Then Bringing Her Back In The Very Next Strip.


  3. This episode sucks so hard, I'm horribly embarassed to have to post it right after one of Trav's pieces and right before Steve's.

    Someone take away my crayons.


  4. It looks great, Nate. I can tell it isn't as polished but it still kicks some ass.

    Congrats on the award!