Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Atland #212 - I Promise

So we're back from the Thanksgiving hiatus! It was fun to draw Sheila again. I miss drawing the really curvy girls when they're not in the plot line. (Granted, Lily's curvy, but she's a lightweight compared to people like Sheila or the pun intended.)

So we knew Bruce wouldn't get out of this without coming clean with his family. It's one of the plot threads I wanted to tie up before the end of Season 1. But does he mean it? And does she believe him? We'll see. But I think seeing his son grown up a bit made the real difference for Bruce. On some level he's always felt guilty, and always wanted to return...if only adventuring wasn't in his blood...

Next week, we return to Blacksaddle.

In other news The 4th is the last day for the Book 8 Back Cover Contest. Get your entry in before midnight!

And in yet other news...ATLAND Book 9 will be the final print issue for "season 1".'s going to be a double-sized issue! I've already discussed it with my printer and it's totally do-able.

And in yet MORE news, I'm filling a sketchbook with new character ideas for season 2. Too top secret right now to preview!



  1. How come the really hard decisions in life need to be made while shackled?

    I'm looking forward to the double sized, chromium embossed, super, variant, multi cover issue 9.

  2. ...Sheila....that Bruce is one lucky minotaur SOB.