Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Atland #213 - Giant Terror Bats

I think I've drawn the Countess's tower from every angle I can possibly come up with. That's one of the problems with doing a weekly comic -- every page has to have an establishing shot for the reader to reference for the rest of the page. Lucky for me, this is the last time I'll be drawing it.

But as a bonus, I got to introduce/draw a new creature into the ATLAND universe -- the giant terror bat. These beasties were the result of agonizing over how I could get the team to Nilfang quickly -- and avoid using yet another boat to relocate between continents. It finally hit me: the Countess = vampire = bats! Giant bats with saddles!

Next week, our heroes depart...

And in other news, ATLAND Vol. 8 was sent to the printers today!


  1. You planned this to time with The Dark Knight on DVD...I knew it!

    Sweet episode. The bats = heller.