Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wizard's of Ur Holiday Wish List

During this much loved… and equally… much loathed season of the Big Two (holidays), I thought that I would set aside my humbug attitude to share a few holiday wishes for my brothers here at Wizard central. Yes, despite all this, I will be visited by three ghosts on Kringus Eve.

So here we go:

For the “very animated” Steve LeCouillard:
I wish for much more of Much the Miller’s Son; much more opportunities to draw characters from Much the Miller’s Son and much more time in 2009 to get to know and love the much beloved creator of Much the Miller’s Son, Mr. LeCouillard. That was a bit much, eh?

For the “My house is gonna’ get crowded” James Van West:
I wish much creative joy in his pursuit of webcomic greatness with the forthcoming Zyn Dweomer. He’s been teasing us far too long. Also, I wish the Van West family much love in 2009 for their upcoming new arrival and for the Missus, may the new arrival not come out holding a pencil like her daddy! Ouch!

For the “I draw clouds like it’s no one’s business” Travis Hanson:
I wish for a healthy, confident foray back into the world of sequential art. You can’t deny us anymore, Mr. Hanson! Also, selfishly, I wish for more volumes of fantasy goodness from Travis and his lovely cohort, Aimee Duncun.

For the “Tell me how you really feel” Nat Piekos:
I wish…hmmm? He has a popular webcomic called Atland that is not only loved by many but loved by me. He runs a successful business called Blambot Fonts which I steal most of my comic fonts from. He, without hesitation will tell me I suck, when I suck. He letters about 900 comics from major publishers in the business and is still a nice guy. Hmmm…I wish nothing for Nate. Well, that's not the X-Mas spirit. Ok, I wish for Nate, a lifetime subscription to the Suicide Girls Website!

For the “I rode a camel up the Nile bitch “ Chuck Whelon:
I wish for him to grow an extra set of arms so he can continue to handle all those freelance jobs, give us more Pewfell, tip a cold one and still gloat while he sends me 8x10’s of his wife dressed as Tina. My wife is getting jealous.

For me, I wish for another awesome year of incredible eye candy, behind the curtain frivolity and inspirational banter from the Wizard’s of Ur! You guys rock!

Play Nice!


  1. And for you, Mr. Absolute Power Furtado, I personally want to wish you a flood of creative inspiration and massive, unstoppable drive to see it all come to fruition. In short, I wish upon you a full scale nuclear blast of creative pursuit in 2009 that will leave your body shaken and spent and leave the world with 10,000 more Furtado pages than we had prior to said wish.

    Have a great time everyone! Eat, give, be merry!

  2. Could have been worse. I was expected you to wish me a muzzle. :)


  3. i was looking more for a smack to the back of the head.

    hopefully i will fulfill all that is expected of me-:)


  4. Man, those extra arms really would come in handy.

    My wish is for all of you all to continue posting great stuff to the blog as you've all been doing -- we are definitely on an upward trend as far as readership goes and for me you've all been going from strength to strength.

    See you in the new year!