Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Strange but true

Missed a posting a few updates while I was gone, so here they are now.

Fun times as Baron Samedi meets his demise. The panels where he actually dies were tricky, as a lot was going on in a small space - both in terms of the art and the story, so it made a nice kind of sense in that way that only comics can.

The Privvy Flush Deluxe was one of Adam's creations -- one of those "super-wacky" things I let him get away with in his early days of writing on the strip. I was never very happy with the mechanics of it - I prefer things to be more logically bizarre. Still, it proved a useful plot device as the story progressed, and it was very handy here.

As it turned out, this is the last we see of the Privvy Flush Deluxe in the story, but ironically it is not the last we see of Baron Samedi. Come on, he is a lord of the undead, after all. Watch that sigil on his hat, not as funny as an arrow through the head but it does much the same job. Funny how these things work out isn't it?

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