Monday, May 26, 2008

A What's Up With Da' Wizards Post.

First up, there’s a preview of the Cayetano “Cat” Garza-edited anthology, Secrets and Lies, available for browsing and can be found right here. As mentioned previously by Wizard Chuck, it features “The Librarian” written by the stunning, Shaenon K. Garrity and illustrated by our own captain of chaos, Chuck Whelon. To prove that I am totally riding Mr. Whelon’s coattails, it also features a story called “Mutie” by yours truly. Kudos must go out to Cat Garza, for putting together a great package, great creators and basically just working his tail off. Also a personal apology to Mr. Garza for the "email conspiracy". Dude, I know I must've sent it!

Wizard Nate has a great contest going on for artistic rights to the back cover of Atland #7. All I can say is if you have something to contribute, it better be kick-ass because these Atland collections are a must have for me! I don’t wanna’ be eye-balling stick figures here kids!

Wizard Trav’ is risking life and limb, or maybe just some carpal-tunnel-syndrome, producing some amazing prints for his journey to Comic Con in sunny San Diego this year. If you’re one of the chosen ones and make the trip, be sure to stop by and see Mr. Hanson.

Wizard James has graced us with more of his stunning and voluptuous vixens with tails in Catgirl Mojo. WHoooooo! It’s not bad enough that James gives us some stunning beauties, he has to go and show the world that digital isn’t the be all/end all to comic coloring. I hate him…and I love him. I’m so torn!

Play Nice.


  1. Thanks to Great Wizard Furtado for keepin' the flame alive!

  2. I gotta get this looks to be rockin' cool.

    Tony only jazzes me up on old school coloring because he knows I can't do digital coloring worth a damn!

    On an un-related note, I think our new motto should be: "We be wizards, ye be damned."