Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pan-Gea: Mobon page one

New Pan-Gea story...

Ok, I'm fibbing. It's actually an old one that has never seen the light of day. If I recall correctly, I started working on this one right after I did the very first Pan-Gea story "The Tooth". Shortly after that things went in other directions and this tale got buried in the half-finished file. So what you're seeing here is art from around 2003 or so.

I wasn't at all satisfied with the script. It was originally hand-lettered but I'm re-doing the lettering (Mighty Zeo!) so I can essentially re-write the story. Not a big change, really. Just some changes in dialog that alter this from a "part one" kind of tale to a more complete, self-contained story. And a very short one at that.

I do plan to color it so this is more-or-less a work in progress.


  1. Oh man, that's what I was gonna' say!

  2. Love your Pan-Gea James.
    You have inspired me to do a story or Babarians and Dragons myself.
    Keep up the good work