Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Blues

While most revel in the dog days of summer, I usually find myself in a creative funk. I'm more of a Fall kind of guy. Once September is well underway and begins to give-way to October, my creative juices begin flowing. They say that Spring is the season of renewal but, for me, it's the Fall.

The summer funk might only be a myth as well. I do a lot of random crap such as writing, doodles, short comics which, for the most part, wind up being pieces in something much grander a few months down the road. So maybe the Summer is, in actuality, my most creative time. Hmmm.

Nah! It's da' Summer Funk!

Play Nice.


  1. AP

    I was looking on this site called
    Drawn! The illustration and cartoon
    blog...I believe if you type in
    drawn.ca it will bring you there.
    Anyway, I know you are a Moebius fan (as I am too) and there is a 40 some minute video talking about him...or him actually talking I should say...check it out...

  2. Moebius Redux, that's a great video. I saw this a few months ago and it's very inspiring. I wish that they would release this on DVD along with the movie "Through the Moebius Strip" which I'm very curious to see.

    Thanks for the info, Brian.
    I wish Moebius would unleash some more graphic goodness on us. He seems to have abandoned the 4 color world at the moment. Oh well. :)

  3. I still have not watched that. Thanks for the reminder!

    Sweet Medusa, BTW.

  4. For myself I've been enjoying my new leisure time, traveling to Lassen National Park, and this last week to Bear Valley, also in the Sierras. In between I've been busy updating my illustration portfolio (http://www.whelon.com) and working hard to find some illustration work. I'm also working on some new Pewfell material -- we're putting together a definitive 'Volume 1 - Redux'. Watch this space.

    In general, I also tend to get very energized in the fall.