Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well that's the official end of Pewfell Volume 4 Book 2 "Gnome Theater" - but it's not the end of Gnoma's career on the stage, as you'll see in the third and final book of Volume 4 - "Drain of Chaos".

Before I get to that though, I am going to present Pewfell Volume 1 REDUX. I've been totally re-editing and re-compiling all my earlier material to give a better, more organic start to the series. I began Pewfell many years ago, and had various different false starts, as I never quite knew exactly what I was doing. When I created the first volume for Wingnut Games' print edition, I was forced to cut way more than I wanted to and to shoehorn the material into a format that it didn't quite fit. As a result most of my earliest material has been lying on the cutting-room floor for some time.

Nowadays I have a much clearer idea of what the strip is, and what it's about. When I looked through some of my oldest material again, I suddenly realized that I now I had a very clear idea of which material needed to be put back in to create the proper introduction to the characters and series that it has been missing.

I'm also re-drawing a few panels, sharpening dialog, puching up jokes and extending a few strips into longer little stories. All-in-all I've added about 16 pages or more of new material and restored about 40 pages of long-lost material.

Part of the impetus behind this was to get the material up as eBooks on Wowio, but I was also thinking I'd time it's release with the re-launch of WCN, but that looks like it may be delayed now, so I'll probably just go ahead and start running later in August. I'm off on vacation next week, so sometime after I get back.

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