Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AP. Furtado’s Elf `n Troll Ending

It is with some sadness that I have to announce, my webcomic ELF `n TROLL will be coming to an end, with the final page scheduled to be posted on October 23.

I won’t rule out a return to ELF `n TROLL at some point in time but, for now, this is where I’m at.
My apologies have to go out to the loyal few who have been nothing short of supportive and encouraging. I had originally intended to pull the plug on this after chapter seven but, I felt an obligation to those faithful few. These last three chapters were specifically for you.

Thank You,
AP. Furtado


  1. thats to bad I just found the comic about a month a go and like what is happening

  2. elf 'n troll always has a place in tbowl's heart.

  3. Man, that is a bummer, but thanks for making sure you finished it off. As long as you aren't giving up comics altogether I am happy!

  4. Never apologize for what you need to do, man! You rocked on this comic, you'll rock on the next one. And if these characters call to you again some day you'll be back for more.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Before we started this blog (hell several years before) I named 3 webcomics artists as my favorites: Chuck Whelon, Nate Piekos, and AP Furtado.

    Ever since I saw your Heavy Metal piece and 'Tween I've been hooked on Furtadination.

  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate the props.
    I certainly will not be giving up comics. I can't. I've tried...but it doesn't take.
    As James so kindly mentioned...I'm sure these characters will be shouting for some attention again.

    If anyone was/is a fan of Elf `n Troll, there's no reason you shouldn't be following anything by Chuck, James, Travis and that Nate fellow. There isn't much in Elf `n Troll that hasn't been inspired by my fellow wizards.

  6. Well, AP, thank you for what you have given us, and best wishes to you for the future. If you're ever in Delaware, get in touch and I'll treat for lunch.